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Volunteer with FWPD’s Crime-Deterring Citizens on Patrol Team

The brand new streamlined Fort Worth Citizens on Patrol Training will take place on August 16.  Held at the Fort Worth Police and Fire Academy (1000 Calvert), the FREE training class will start at 8:00 am and will finish at 2:00 pm. 

As part of the larger Code Blue slate of programs, the Fort Worth Citizens on Patrol Program was started in 1991 as a reaction to the high crime levels in Fort Worth communities.  Since the creation of the program, it has been shown that the extra eyes and ears of Citizens on Patrol helped to lower crime by 40%.  

The August 16th training will cover topics such as what to look for while patrolling, COP equipment, COP guidelines, and other pertinent topics.  If you are interested in being a part of this crime-deterring team, submit a completed application to the Community Programs Division (350 W. Belknap, Ft. Worth, TX  76102) or to any COP Coordinator (listed below) by August 11th.  For more information call (817) 392-4182 or contact any COP Coordinator listed at the bottom of this webpage.


On October 15, 1991, 105 persons representing eleven neighborhoods attended a twelve-hour training session at the Fort Worth Police Academy. The training was conducted for three hours per night over a four-night period covering legal liabilities, patrol procedures, communications, and the penal code.

No one anticipated how successful the Citizens on Patrol Program would be. The program has been credited with being a primary factor in decreases in Part I Crimes especially those of theft, burglary, and auto theft. It also has served as a catalyst in strengthening neighborhoods, and remains in an expansion mode.

Advanced training has been instituted at the Field Operations Divisions and the department has an annual recognition luncheon for all COPS members and their families. Finally, they have provided general support services to the neighbors in the area to which they are assigned, ranging from trash pick-ups to encouragement of persons to move into their area.


Now, with over 730 members, the Citizens on Patrol Program is making a positive impact on Fort Worth's quality of life.  Members help to deter crime by patrolling in their cars, on bicycles, and on foot patrol. 

In 2013, Citizens on Patrol members helped to start the Code Blue at the School Program.  Volunteers would help keep our Fort Worth elementary schools safe by patrolling around the outside of campuses.  


If you are interested in joining a Citizen on Patrol group, please call the coordinator for your patrol division:

North Division - Brenda Fitts - (817) 392-3542,

4651 North Main Street, Ft Worth, TX  76106

West Division - Gerald Huck- (817) 392-4706 ,

3525 Marquita Street, Ft. Worth, TX 76116

South Division - Warner Filley - (817) 392-3418,  

3128 W. Bolt, Ft. Worth, TX  76110

East Division - Freddie Holcomb- (817) 392-4846,

5650 E. Lancaster, Ft. Worth, TX  76112

Central Division - Calvin Clayton - (817) 392-3973,

501 Jones Street, Ft. Worth, TX  76102

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Citizens on Patrol

Citizen on Patrol Application
Citizen on Patrol Application