Contact Information

Mailing Addresses:

Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex
Fort Worth Police Department
505 W. Felix
Fort Worth, TX 76115

Fort Worth Police Department
Thomas R. Windham Building
350 W. Belknap
Fort Worth, TX 76102

(817 Area Code on all listed phone numbers) 

Please submit all media inquiries to and the appropriate police spokesperson will respond in a timely manner.

To report a non-emergency 817-335-4222  
Police Department (Main Line) 817-392-4000 350 W. Belknap Street
Records and Reports (Accident and Offense Reports, Fingerprints, Clearance Letters) 817-392-4160 350 W. Belknap St.
Media Contact  817-392-4200  505 W. Felix Street
Police Administration  817-392-4200 505 W. Felix Street 
Criminal Investigations-Detectives (also see individual units below) 817-392-4300     350 W. Belknap St.
Internal Affairs (complaints on Officers)
817-392-4270 505 W. Felix Street
Crime Stoppers Hotline 817-469-8477  
Homicide Unit  817-392-4335 350 W. Belknap St. 
Commercial Auto Theft Unit  817-392-4400  350 W. Belknap St. 
Domestic Violence Unit 817-392-4404  350 W. Belknap St. 
Crimes Against Children Unit 817-348-1153   
Sex Crimes Unit 817-392-4350  350 W. Belknap St. 
Major Case Unit 817-392-4430  350 W. Belknap St. 
Robbery Unit  817-392-4370  350 W. Belknap St. 
Fugitive Unit 817-392-4430  350 W. Belknap St. 
Fraud Unit  817-392-4550  350 W. Belknap St. 
Training Division 817-392-5570 511 W. Felix Street
Narcotics 817-378-1500 350 W. Belknap St.
Traffic Division 817-392-4850 1100 Nashville
Sex Offender Information and Registration 817-392-4350 350 W. Belknap St.
Auto Pound 817-392-5950 2500 Brennan Avenue
Youth Section 817-392-4180 350 W. Belknap St.
School Resource Unit 817-392-7572 6773 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Victim Assistance 817-392-4390 350 W. Belknap St.
LGBT Liaison - Sgt Kathi Jones 817-392-4678 1100 Nashville St.

For all patrol divisions and districts phone numbers, see patrol on the website

Other City of Fort Worth Departments or Contractors

Alarm Permit

(City of Fort Worth Development Department)
817-392-2222 1000 Throckmorton

(City of Fort Worth)  
Municipal Court (Traffic Tickets)

(City of Fort Worth Municipal Court)
817-392-6792 1000 Throckmorton

(City of Fort Worth)
To Report a Hazardous Driver (Road Rage) 817-392-4441  
Prisoner Inquiries (MLEC)

Bonding Desk   (MLEC)                 

Mansfield Law Enforcement

Center (MLEC)


(City of Fort Worth Human Resources Department)  
817-392-7750 / 1-800-532-0678 1000 Throckmorton

(City of Fort Worth) Toll Free for Police and Fire
Graffiti Abatement Program

(City of Fort Worth Parks & Community Services Department)
817-212-2700 920 Woodward (Parks and Community Services)

Email Contacts

Please select the e-mail address that best fits your question or comment. Please do not send the same e-mail to each address. All questions and requests related to traffic tickets and fines should be directed to the City of Fort Worth Muncipal Court at

Fort Worth PD    General questions or comments directed at the department, or if the subject is not covered by one of the other listed division e-mail addresses.
Training Division    Questions dealing with the recruitment, qualifications and training of officers, the Police Training Academy, and information about the Explorer Program will be addressed by the Training Division.
Narcotics Section    Questions about drugs, or tips on drug activity.
Traffic Division    Comprised of traffic law enforcement, the STEP grant program, accident investigations, parade permits, the Child Safety Seat Program, and the Motorcycle Unit. Questions or comments involving these issues will be addressed by the Traffic Division.
Missing Persons    Questions about a missing person. Please do not use email to report a missing person, instead call (817) 335-4222.
Intelligence Unit    Activities that need to be reported to us:
  • Terrorist Groups
  • Racial/Anti-Semitic activity
  • Labor/strike activity
  • Subversive/Extremist groups
  • Gangs/Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity