School Security Initiative

The function of the School Security Initiative Section is to work in coordination with school administrators as School Resource Officers (SRO’s) in an effort to provide a safe environment in the schools that contract with the police department for SRO services located in the City of Fort Worth. Efforts are concentrated in crime prevention, intervention with students, and enforcement of law.  The program, which was developed in 1968 as a small school liaison program with Fort Worth ISD, expanded to a Section of 62 officers, one detective, five sergeants, and one lieutenant, who serve seven school districts in the City of Fort Worth. 

Funding of the officer positions is a shared (50/50) contract of all personnel costs between the school districts and the city, while supervisory and command positions are paid for by the school districts.  The City of Fort Worth’s portion is funded by the Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD).

Officers receive specialized training in addition to normal departmental training in order to become proficient in carrying out their duties.  School Resource Officers are selected from the ranks of Fort Worth police officers and are tasked with many responsibilities in addition to law enforcement. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, presentations to combat bullying and drugs plus other areas of interest to students, mentoring students, participating in truancy details, checking sex offenders near their schools, working in conjunction with Crime Stoppers, conducting traffic enforcement around the schools, and working with Neighborhood Patrol Officers to reduce crime at or near the schools.  SROs serve in a dynamic position which requires them to be sensitive to the varied needs of students and staff, while being vigilant and prepared to carry out law enforcement duties at a moment's notice.