Equipment, Technology, and Infrastructure
FWPD is heavily dependent upon certain technology, equipment, and infrastructure.  The CCPD provides funding for high-mileage vehicle replacement, support to the DNA crime lab, specialized equipment, jail services, and facility improvements, including a weapons range, heliport, crime lab, and patrol division improvements.  

Equipment, Technology, and Infrastructure programs funded by the CCPD in FY 2014 are:
  • High Mileage Vehicle Replacement
  • Civil Service Pay Plan
  • Jail Cost Allocation
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Undercover Vehicles
  • DNA Crime Lab Support
  • Motorcycle Replacement
  • Mobile Data Computers
  • Taser Replacement
  • Digital Cameras for Vehicle Replacement
  • Police Radio System
  • Facility Requirements
  • Elections
  • Police Heliport

 For a complete description of each listed programs, please view the Program Overview document.